2640 Santa Fe Avenue Long Beach, CA 90810 9:15am & 11am Saturdays, 11am & 7pm Wednesdays, 7pm ea. 2nd & 4th Friday evenings

Ways to Connect

Thank you so much for visiting the Philadelphian website. We would love to have the opportunity to talk with you about our church. Here are several ways you can connect with us:

By phone, please call our church office at 562-426-8026

By email, please write to:

Our Senior Pastor; David Zaid at pastor@phillysda.org 

Our Head Elder; Robert Whittaker at rwhittaker@phillysda.org

Our Administrator; Elder Chris Jordan at cjordan@phillysda.org

Our Secretary at:  churchsecretary@phillysda.org

By mail, our mailing address is:  2640 Santa Fe Avenue, Long Beach, CA  90810

Our Facebook page will be operational shortly!