Brief Overview

At this Church we believe that God is love, and He is the business of transforming our lives, rekindling lost passion, restoring broken dreams, and filling empty lives.

At this church we believe that when you encounter the love of God and become committed through personal growth you are compelled to be living examples of the Great Commandment and Great Commission. Philadelphian is where Love Hopes, Love Heals, and Love Helps others.

At this church we are preparing to spend eternal life with Jesus Christ. Here you are encouraged to be surrendered through worship; connected through fellowship; equipped to mature through discipleship; empowered to serve through ministry; and entrusted to witnesses through evangelism.


  • How do I join the church?
    • Philadelphian is a family of believers preparing for and awaiting the second coming of Jesus Christ. You can become a member of the Church family by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, developing a personal relationship through study, and being baptized by immersion.  When you are ready to join our church, you may come forward at the invitation at the end of any sermon. Our Pastor will meet you and answer any questions you may have about joining our congregation.
  • What does mean to be a member
    • When Jesus invites you to follow Him, He also challenges you to become involved in service to others. Every member is encouraged to grow by being living examples of the Great Commandment (loving God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength) and the Great Commission (loving your neighbor through service, encouragement, and the sharing of the good news).  There are opportunities for members to utilize their skills and spiritual gifts in each ministry.  Each ministry is dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commandment the Great Commission through:
      • In-Reach: Reaching in to those inside church by communicating with God, developing a personal relationship with God, and giving to God. This means being involved in one or more of the following ministries or services: Sabbath School, Prayer Meeting, Bible Study, or Prayer Ministry
      • Out-Reach: The family reaching out to those outside the church where Love Hopes, Love Heals, and Love Helps others. This means being involved in one or more of the ministries that incorporates community or personal outreach.
  • If I want to speak to a pastor, elder, or ministry leader, who do I contact?
  • What are the church office hours?
    • TBD