The purpose of Greeters Ministry is to welcome, receive, meet, recognize, speak to, and smile upon the church family and guests as they enter the worship facility for our weekend worship services. The Greeters Ministry duties include:  Opening the doors to the worship facility and welcoming each worshipper to Philadelphian with a handshake, hug, and the greeting proclamation “Good Morning, Happy Sabbath!”,  distributing information packages about Philadelphian (Welcome Package) to first-time visitors,  providing directions to the sanctuary and to the locations of other auxiliary worship services such as Children’s Church, the Nursery, Teen / Young Adult Services, and Sabbath School and handing out the worship guide and offering envelopes.

This is a special and unique team of individuals who have a positive and welcoming spirit. In the outer lobby at the sanctuary doors Greeters provide support to assist the Ushers in quickly, pleasantly and effectively seating all worshipers.

  • Hope and Helping – You can expect to be greeted with a smile, a big hug and a warm welcome thereby setting the right frame of mind to enter and experience worship