At Philly, we are unequivocally committed to financial stewardship. We have implemented a number of financial controls to ensure financial integrity and accountability. Some of these financial controls include:

  • Only a very limited number of staff in our Finance Ministry have access to giving records.
  • The Treasurer signs all disbursement checks. The Finance Committee Chair has the responsibility of verifying available funds for expenditures and confirming the availability of those funds with the Treasurer, but does not have authority to sign checks.  The Senior Pastor does not have check signing authority either.
  • Cash is handled by only a few members of the Treasury Ministry. The Senior Pastor does not have access to petty cash.
  • The budget process requires multiple levels of approval. First, budgets are carefully scrutinized by our Stewardship/Finance Team. They are then reviewed and approved by the Board. Finally, budgets must be approved by the members at our Church Business Meeting.
  • Audits are completed annually by a third party to ensure that all financial practices are in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

These controls are only part of a complete financial management system designed to ensure that we handle money in a way that honors God and preserves the long-term trust of our congregation.

This committee is responsible for overseeing church funds, which includes creating operating budgets, allocating funds to ministries, and ensuring that funds are managed properly. Our desire for individuals is to help them become better managers of their resources by equipping them with the tools and the information necessary to incorporate Biblical stewardship into every area of their lives.

  • Helping – You can expect to be aware of the Church’s financial position through reports, graphs, and recommendations at Church wide business meetings. In addition to ensuring that the budget is attainable by close review and management, you will be taught the principles of Biblical stewardship.