Our Elders play an important role in our church leadership and organization. Through their faithful and spiritual ministry, they assist with the spiritual growth of our church. In addition, our Elders carry out and provide leadership in ensuring the implementation of Philadelphian’s mission, purpose, and goals.

  • Healing and Helping – The roles and responsibilities of the Elders involve many things. The expectations of Elders and those aspiring to be an Elder includes:
  • Spiritual Leadership – leading church services, and special events (communion, prayer meeting, evangelistic meetings, bible studies, etc.)
  • General Oversight – advising ministry leaders, providing counseling, mediation and spiritual leadership.
  • Nurturing – assist with the spiritual, mental, and physical nurturing of our members (i.e. visiting: members, sick and shut-in; providing communion) and connecting with members through writing, calling, texting, or emailing

If you have any questions or would like more information about our Elders, please contact our Head Elder, Oma Batiste by emailing her at headelder@phillysda.org or call our church office at 562-426-8026.