The Decisive Question

Pastor Boger explains that when you’re living a life that’s on fire for God you will become a witness. A life that’s on fire cares about the “others” that Christ gave His life for. Do you care?

Feel the Burn

Elder Batiste preaches the second part of her sermon examining the encounter between God and Moses at the burning bush.

Got Fire?

Elder Batiste explains that God wants to set our spiritual lives on fire and He does it through new and innovative ways we have never experienced…like a bush that burns but doesn’t burn up! Isaiah 43:19 and Exodus 3:2.


Through the Fire

Pastor Zaid preaches how going through life has challenges.  But be encouraged that God is with you all the way!

This Praise is On Fire

The Bible is clear about how God likes to be praised.  Elder Jordan shares the scriptural basis for exciting and vibrant praise…a praise that is on fire!  Psalm 150

Fire Starter

Pastor Zaid preaches about starting the fire of your spiritual life.